Police Integrity

Writing about police culture, White and Perrone (p.378) observe:
There can be no doubt that police abuse of powers is real, that in some cases it is a routine aspect of everyday police practice, and that it is often directed towards the less powerful groups in society. How do we account for police misconduct of this nature? Likewise, how do we explain police corruption (i.e. the misuse of office for illegal gain)?

Critically discuss this observation, providing your assessment of whether it is an accurate statement of modern Australian policing. If you feel that police misconduct / corruption is a real problem, how would you answer the associated questions? If you do not, explain what it is about Australian police culture that helps to safeguard the integrity of policing.

Online Sources Ok

Observation refers to White and Perrone (2015). Crime, criminality and criminal justice 2nd edition. Oxford University Press