Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health

** Review the article \”A population Health Framework for Setting National and State Health Goals\” focusing on population health determinants.*** Review the information on the blog post \”What is population health?\”***With this information in mind, elect a population health issue that\’s of interest to you.***Locate current data on your population health issue.***Consider how epidemiological data has been used to design population health measures and policy initiatives in addressing this issue.** POST A SUMMARY OF HOW THE FIVE POPULATION HEALTH DETERMINANTS (access to healthcare, individual behavior, social environment, physical environment, and genetics) AFFECT YOUR SELECTED HEALTH ISSUE, AND WHICH DETERMINANTS YOU THINK ARE MOST IMPACTFUL FOR THAT PARTICULAR ISSUE, AND EXPLAIN HOW THIS DATA HAS BEEN USED IN DESIGNING POPULATION HEALTH MEASURES AND POLICY INITIATIVES.REFERENCE1. KNICKMAN, J. R., & KOVNER, A. R. (Eds.). (2015) Health care delivery in the United States (11th ed.) New York, NY:Springer Publishing. Chapter 5, \”Population Health\” (pp.79-97)2. Kindig, D. (2007) Understanding population health terminology. The Milbank Quarterly, 85(1), 139-161.3. Kindig, D. Asada, Y., & Bosse, B. (2008) A population health framework for setting national and state health goals. JAMA 299(17),2081-20833. CDC. (2010) Morbidity and mortality weekly report (MMWR).http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/StateHealth/index.html4.HealthyPeople.gov(2010) Foundation health measureshttp://healthypeople.gov/2020/about/tracking.aspx5. https://www.healthypeople.gov/sites/default/files/HP2020 brochure with LHI 508 FNL.pdfPHASE 2TO PREPARE:1. SELECT ONE PUBLIC POLICY THAT CURRENTLY IS IMPACTING YOU AND YOUR PRACTICE. CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:-1.WHAT HEALTH CARE DRIVER WAS THE POLICY DESIGNED TO ADDRESS: COST QUALITY, ACCESS, OR A COMBINATION?2. DOES THE POLICY APPEAR TO BE ACHIEVING ITS INTENDED RESULTS? ON WHAT DATA ARE YOU BASING YOUR ASSUMPTION?3. WHAT HAVE BEEN THE EFFECTS (ADVERSE OR POSITIVE) OF THIS POLICY ON HEALTH CARE COST, QUALITY AND ACCESS?4. HOW IS THIS POLICY AFFECTING YOUR NURSING PRACTICE?Select a health care issue- something you see or experience on a daily basis-about which you would like to influence a practice change through the policy process.** Focusing on Kingdon\’s model, how would you utilize this model to guide your policy development?** POST A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF A PUBLIC POLICY THAT IS HAVING AN IMPACT ON YOUR PRACTICE; SUMMARIZE YOUR ANALYSIS OF THE POLICY PROCESS.FOCUSING ON KINGDON;S MODEL, HOW WOULD YOU UTILIZE THIS MODEL TO GUIDE YOUR POLICY DEVELOPMENT?REFERENCE:Milstead, J. A. (2013). Health policy and politics: A nurses guideChapter I (pp.1-27)Chapter 2, \”Agenda setting\” (pp.19-44)Chapter 3, \”Government response: Legislation-Politics: Playing the game\” (pp.45-71)2. Coalition for patients rights. (2012) http://www.patientsrightscoalition.org/3. Ethics in medicine. (n.d)http://depts.washington.edu/bioethx/topics/manag.htmlAPPLICATION: DEVELOPING A HEALTH ADVOCACY CAMPAIGNTo be an effective advocate and to develop a successful health advocacy campaign, you must have a clear idea of the goals of your campaign program and be able to communicate those goals to others. In addition, it is the nature of nurses to want to help, but it is important to make sure that the vision you develop is manageable in size and scope.By researching what others have done, you will better appreciate what can realistically be accomplished. It is also wise to determine if others have similar goals and to work with these people to form strategic partnerships. If you begin your planning with a strong idea of your resources, assets and capabilities, you will be much more likely to succeed and truly make a difference with those you hope to help.THIS IS A COGENT PAPER THAT SHOULD OUTLINE A HEALTH ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN DESIGNED TO PROMOTE POLICIES TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF A POPULATION OF MY CHOICE.