population growth rates in Middle East Countries

Having stabilized briefly during the early 2000s, the population growth rates across most Middle East Countries have started rising again over the past 5 years. Discuss the impact of the rise in population in Middle East Countries FOCUSING MAINLY ON EGYPT. In part of the literature review show the debate on whether high population growth is a myth or a curse and show that in Egypt there is an increase in the young population aged 15-45 years \”the demographic dividend\” but most of them are not employed so what will happen to the labor market and the scarce resources in the country. Then, in the analytical part show the impact of population growth rates on per capita share of the already scarce resources such as water and services such as education and health. In this part tables From the World Bank and graphs are needed to show the increase in population in Egypt and how education and health are affected by showing numbers. Finally, suggest policies for the government that can help alleviate the impact of population growth in Egypt.