Portfolio Assignment 4: Communication, effective meetings, and leadership

Observe group interaction/communication
Plan ahead to attend a meeting****
No more than 3 pages
1. Attend a meeting at your work that you are not directly required to attend.
2. List the name of the group, the location, the date and time attended
3. List the committee chairperson by title and initials (preserve anonymity)
4. Include a copy of the agenda for the meeting to clinical instructor
Observe the committee members interactions and submit a summary that describes the following see chapter 19 in M&H text use the concepts Ch. 19 to describe your analysis

Observe the communication patterns within the group is the leader inclusive or directive? Did you feel that members at the meetings felt included in what happened?

Identify the formal and informal leaders
Identify the group dynamics – was the meeting inclusive or top-down style?
Comment on the goals of the committee and whether or not those goals for the meeting were met.

Was the goal to just transmit information? if so, analyze the effectiveness of whether the information transmittal was effective and desired change will take place

Was the goal of the meeting to gather opinion and/or problem solve? if so, who participated, did everyone have a voice, analyze mechanisms to ensure everyone is included in meetings

Reading from Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing by Bessie L.Marquis & Carol J.Huston.Chapter 19

refer paper to meeting attended at Home Health agency