This assignment is completion of 1st and 2nd assignment, in 1st assignment I chose 4 topics as education program and I chose one to start my program but in this assignment I need to make aims and objectives for 4 topics.
Other details you will find in details of task
Please look carefully to my 1st and 2nd assignment.

Details of task:

For this assessment item, you are required to develop a portfolio related to the program design process you are undertaking and to reflect on those experiences. You will need to present the completed framework for the education program you have designed so it is ready for implementation. This assessment item will build on assessment items one and two and some of the data can be used from those earlier assignments.

This portfolio will include:

aims of the program;

objectives for all education sessions;

content outline in detail;

teaching plan and resources list;

evaluation strategies with evaluation tool prepared;

reflection on the process you have undertaken.

For each component of your program you will need to link your content to educational theory (where applicable) and give rationale for choices. For example what evaluation strategy have you chosen, why you chose it and the underpinning educational theory for it.

Attached to this will be a reflection on the process you have undertaken this semester. This component of the portfolio is meant to encourage reflection so that it examines your learning experiences, and assists with integrating theory and practice. It is hoped that your reflection will increase your understanding of your own learning processes and outcomes.

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