Position Paper on Effective Use of Gaming and Simulation in eLearning

\’Position Paper\’. In 3 pages you will synthesize information you have collected. Provide information on the problem, literature synthesis, and solution that you plan to present in the Final Project. Once again cover page is not needed, but do include your name on top of the page. Maximum length of paper is 3 pages (including references). An additional page (Page 4) should include a copy of the Application/Project Rubric. So the assignment is actually 3+1 pages. Fancy formatting is NOT needed and you MUST use correct APA formatting throughout.(Final project will be a multi-media presentation that lasts no more than 7 minutes – context for the final project is on page 2 of attached document and will link to an additional order I will place)Week 6 Project: Proposing a SolutionIn Week 2, you identified an education, training, or workplace performance issue that, with a deeper look into the research literature, you would be able to formulate a research-based solution to address the issue. Over the past few weeks, you conducted a review of the literature in order to shape your understanding of the problem and guide your solution. This week, you will propose a solution for the identified problem, and synthesize your findings to support your recommendations.In a 2- to 3-page position paper, submit the following:• Briefly describe the context and background of the situation or problem. Summarize any considerations specific to the context that should be reflected in the solution. (Include your problem statement, revised if necessary, as an appendix.)• Describe your proposed solution system. Be sure to clearly explain your recommendations and clarify the next steps that should be taken.• Provide a high-level synthesis of your literature review to support your conclusions and proposed solution. (Include your complete literature review, revised if you’ve received feedback from your Instructor, as an appendix.)• Your position paper should be written, formatted, and cited in a manner appropriate for submission to the stakeholder audience and context.