Post-mortem toxicology: Analysis of benzodiazepines for suspected acute intoxication

Chemistry/ pharmaceutical/ toxicology essay

this will be a reviewed paper based work on aboved topic, please follow the instructions below, how i want the paper to be and most IMPORTANTLY it will have to be ORIGINAL and contain no COPY AND PASTE. as its checked throughly with TWO different PLAGIARISM softwares. things to contain in the work systematically: Structure –
Summary (max 150 words, write it last) –
Introduction – Comparison of techniques, methods etc. (use informative subheadings, and not too detailed since it is a review) –
Discussion & Conclusions – References in abit more detail below: Introduction (max 1 page) The introduction is to provide background to the issue, and must conclude by stating a clear aim for the review. Comparison of techniques, methods etc:. Here, various ways of tackling the analytical problem described in the references are compared. This involves all parts of the analysis process, i.e. where applicable: treatment of the sample, sample preparation, separation, detection and validation of the issue in question. Use an informative range of headings to help the reader form an impression of what will be considered under each heading. Naturally, the headings and content in this section are steered by the issue that has been allocated to you. Remember that it is to be a review article, so try to only retain what is important and not include too much detail. Discussion & Conclusions In this section, the various scientific articles to which you referred in the previous section are to be evaluated. Advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques and methods you found in the literature are to be discussed. The conclusions can be presented in a separate section if you feel this is more suitable. References In this section, present your references in the order in which they appear in the text. Summary (max 200 words) This summary must contain the aim of your work and a short summary of the methods and the most important conclusions. A reader must be able to understand the summary without reading the entire work. Do not write the summary until the work is complete ? not until then do you know what the summary should contain. In scientific articles, the summary does not normally include references, but in this assignment you must include references if the summary contains claims that require a reference