Post Traumatic Stress and it\’s affect on soldier\’s represented through Ernest Hemmingway\’s characters

Requirements: 30 pages plus works sited pages
Topic: I want to discuss how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has affected soldiers time immemorial. Since it is an English paper I wanted to explain it using not only current events with wars, but also how Hemmingway depicted PTSD and combat stress through characters in \”A Soldier\’s Home\” \”For Whom the Bell Tolls\” \”Sun Also Rises\” and some of his other works. I initially wanted to talk about troubles of the combat soldier who simultaneously attempts to live in the sustainability of Main Street (or civilian life) and the survivability of combat. How once his attention was refocused in either direction he couldn\’t go back or live productively.
I am open to suggestions in tweaking it.