Power and Conflict Across Cultures

In Module 1 you looked at a video from leader/organizational power guru Jeffrey Pfeffer. Part of your Module 4 materials are an article by Robert Cialdini and a video for which he provides some narration. As you might have guessed by now, Pfeffer and Cialdini are two of the most famous and popular authorities on power, influence, and persuasion.
In addition to experiencing Cialdinis presentation style from his narration in the Background video, view some of his other videos on YouTube. Find at least one that discusses persuasion. Post the link to the video and share your thoughts.
After viewing at least one of Cialdinis videos on persuasion, discuss the following:
1. Who do you think is more persuasive given what youve read about persuasion for this modulePfeffer or Cialdini?
2. In what ways do you think these gurus are similar or different?
3. Is there any concept or idea from the Cialdini video that you watched that you would use in the workplace?

NOTE: Tis is only a discussion not an essay.