Premiere Pro Video

The assignment is to edit a short documentary segment. This will consist of four interviews, and footage of Taiko drumming. The finished length will be less than 1:30.

The first element is to edit down the raw interviews to get succinct sound bites from each person, and then to assemble those ideas into a sequence that creates a bigger overall thought. Start with a drumming shot, and then use the drumming footage to connect and cover any jump cuts of the interviews.

The basic concept is about Taiko drumming, please show and hear the drumming but embellish it with the ideas presented by the interviewees. It is not totally necessary to see the person who is speaking the entire time, rather watch the drumming.

Audio mixing- make sure you can hear the interviews, and blend and overlap the drumming under that. Edit the dialog as you wish

If the person appears on camera, create a lower third graphic to identify them by name. Titles under each interviews

Please find all files in the folder \”Project\”,