Part B – Presentation
You are now to present a summary of your written report at the Board meeting of Ethical Trading Group using PowerPoint (maximum of 6 slides). Also present at the Board meeting will be a Board Member and Senior Tax Agent. The presentation will need to be recorded as audio or video recording and must be approximately 5 – 7 minutes in length. Please access the Case Study PowerPoint Template to help you complete this assessment. This file is also available in the Ethical Trading Group folder in the Additional Resources for this course.
You will require the help of two people to complete this assessment, one to play the role of the ?Senior Tax Agent? and another to play the role of a ?Board member?. These two people can be drawn from colleagues, family or friends. You will be interacting with both people in this presentation, so they will be working from ?Briefing notes? which can be found in Appendix A of this assessment. Each of the participants must ask the questions that have been allocated to them (i.e. different questions have been allocated for Participant 1 and Participant 2).
At the conclusion of your presentation, each of the participants must then complete the feedback form which can be found in Appendix B. This provides feedback on how clearly you have conducted the presentation. You must also ensure you obtain appropriate approvals to conduct and record a presentation in this setting so meeting participants must sign the Audio/Video recording consent form (please see Appendix C for a template you can use for this).
Before you commence your presentation, review the ?briefing notes? to ensure you will have the appropriate information to provide in your verbal responses to the participant questions.
The responses you provide to the participants? questions in the briefing notes must be completed and submitted as part of the assessment evidence for this activity.
When you have finished your audio or video recording, you will need to upload your file to OpenSpace. Click on the ?Support? tab ? then ?Assessment? and instruction on how to do this are within the ?Frequently Asked Questions?.
In your presentation, you need to:
1. Summarise the main issues from your written report (in Part A). This summary will be documented in the slides. Use headings and bullet points to format and present your summary of the main issues.
2. Answer the questions asked by the Board Member and the Senior Tax Agent (see Appendix A). These questions can be asked at the end of your Presentation.

please note that this assessment needs to be recorded as well