Private Fly

Coursework (50%):
Starting with the PrivateFly article dated 8th of September 2013 by Lucy Fisher to be released on Studynets Module Information (Assessment verbs from Appendix 1, are underlined for clearer emphasis).

Write a single 3000 word report on the following:

1. Whilst synthesising and applying your academic reading, to information you find about PrivateFly, carry out a Life-cycle study of the business, which critically analyses its development, from its past (including conception) to the present.

(2000 words).

2. Then continue with a discussion on PrivateFlys future growth potential that takes into consideration the possible difficulties that might be faced managing this.

(1000 words).

Throughout, be sure to define your terms as you go.

Each submission will therefore be 3000 words (or very close) in total. More background research will be needed, over and above the article provided on Studynet, to include extended secondary research about the company and the companys own website Work must also be blended with and supported by appropriate syllabus related academic reading (See section 5b). Also see Section 6b and Appendix 2 for assessment criteria.

All work must be fully referenced, using Harvard Referencing to acknowledge sources. This is important in distinguishing between other peoples thoughts and ideas compared to your own. Point size 12, Times Roman, single line spacing, with clear paragraphing, section numbering and headings, subheadings and page numbering. Executive Summary to be included in the overall word count, however, Table of Contents, Figures, Tables and other Appendices can be used without effect on word count (But only for supporting material and not as a means to increase word count).