Program Evaluation Analysis of Study Design

Read and analyze the 2009 journal article \”Measuring Change in a Short-Term Educational Program Using a Retrospective Pretest Design\” by Moore and Tananis. After you have finished your reading of the article, formalize your analysis by addressing the following:
Identify the research design that was employed in the Moore and Tananis study.
Explain whether the research design is experimental or quasi-experimental. Support your explanation by comparing and contrasting characteristics between the two types of designs.
o Make sure you clearly state which design (experimental or quasi-experimental) the Moore and Tananis study employs.
Describe and analyze the data collection efforts detailed in the study.
o Discuss both quantitative and qualitative techniques.
Justify any methodological recommendations for data collection methods for which you would advocate.
o Would you recommend using quantitative and qualitative data in program evaluation? Why or why not?