Project 3: Confidentiality Breach

Project 3: Confidentiality Breach
This assessment is worth 20% of your overall mark. The word limit for this assessment is 2000 words.
Review ONE only of the scenarios below and address the points below in a report format:
Identify the legal and ethical issues raised.
Identify appropriate legislation for the particular scenario that you are reviewing.
Identify risk management strategies that can be implemented in order to avoid breaches of confidentiality.
Develop a policy to address the issues raised in the scenario selected.
Scenario 1
An employee obtained confidential patient information from the hospital health record and used this information to visit a former female patient at her home. This was done without invitation. The employee was a male nurse at a public hospital. There was no work related reasons that the employee had for visiting the patient. The employee was subsequently dismissed from employment.
Scenario 2
An employee of a private hospital was having coffee with friends in the hospital caf and boasted that she knew of a well-known celebrity who was a current inpatient in the hospital following the birth of her baby,and that she has the power to easily obtain more information. This is overheard by friends and family of the celebrity who are also having a coffee in the caf and reported to executive staff in the form of a complaint. The employee was not dismissed but was provided with a warning letter.
This assessment needs to be submitted in a Word document and uploaded to blackboard through the Turnitin submission section no later than Friday 4 November 2016 at 4:00 PM.
Please ensure that all work is appropriately referenced and a cover page provided as per GAP guidelines.

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