Project report on implementation and evaluation of project

The purpose of this assignment is to:
Develop a report template that includes: Cover, Contents Page, Executive Summary, Report Sections, References and Appendices for the project in the chosen area.
Comment on some of the key points and challenges to do with your project implementation and evaluation.
Present a completed report for the project in your area of interest/professional practice.

1. Introduction
a. Executive Summary
b. Project Aim/Goals
c. Methods
2. Report Section
a. Outcomes
b. Achievements
c. Issues
d. Recommendations
e. Actions Required
3. Summary (do not include)
a. References (do not include)
b. Appendices (do not include)

The project report is to be based about \”Child Injury Prevention\” from the \”Kidsafe NT\” Organization (Please refer related parts to the draft proposal that outlined the rational and principle factors in planning for and managing a project). As this has been planned last semester, the focus has changed to a type of \”Community Health Programme\” that was done from 10 parents with kids online. I have got a folder to send of related information. As an idea, the online survey results can be made up, and just needs to be evaluated and presented in accord to the Contents, mentioned above.