Proposal to provide a plan on set a physical store.

Write proposal about suggest \’Alcon contact lenses\’ need physical store.
do not give recommendations in the proposal.
6 paragraph introduction, back ground, problem, proposed plan ,schedule,staffing,authorization.
After you have been given approval to research your topic/problem, write a 1000 word proposal
to a decision maker based on the problem you have chosen for the report.
In a proposal you \”propose\” what you are going to do. It is very costly to conduct research and
write a long report, so employers usually require that you write a proposal and get their approval
before you research and write the report. Employers want to be sure you can write an effective
report that will solve the problem, address the situation, or fulfill the need. You have to convince
them that you can do the job.
In order to convince them you will include the following sections: introduction; background,
problem, or purpose; proposed plan, schedule; staffing; and authorization.
You need to think about a situation in a company or organization you know (student society,
club, church etc.) that presents an opportunity or problem. You are going to propose that you
research this problem or opportunity. Then, over the next few weeks, you will complete the
research and submit your recommendations in Assignment #5 which is due the last week of class
and is worth 20% of your grade.
Topic Examples:
You might recommend that your company or branch create a mentoring program for new
You might suggest a new inventory system to reduce loss.
Be sure to pick an organization that will really listen to you (although you dont have to give
them the report). Do not suggest that you will make changes at the GAP or CIBC. You may
suggest changes in your branch if it is realistic that you would be able to make these changes at
the local level. Make sure that it is a small manageable realistic project. It should not cost more
than $10,000 to implement.
DO NOT provide the recommendations in the proposal. You will not know what to do until
youve completed the research and are writing Assignment #5.
In Assignment #2, you only need to convince the person in authority that this is an important
problem or opportunity and that you have the skills to research it and provide good
Identify and carefully explain each part/component of the problem or opportunity so that the
audience fully understands the overall problem (or opportunity) and its underlying causes. If
your audience accepts your explanation/analysis of the problem, it will be much more willing to
support your proposal (and later your recommendations).
You can refer to your textbook for more information on proposals.
What you must submit:
A 1000 word proposal to research solutions to a problem or take advantage of an
opportunity. DO NOT give the recommendations in the proposal.
An annotated bibliography listing at least six potential articles (four must be peer
reviewed scholarly articles or professional publications) that you think might be
useful for your research (use APA referencing do not print the whole article). Make
sure you mention this annotated bibliography in the proposal.
Remember that the sources you will use in your report must be current and reputable.
In your proposal, also discuss any primary research interviews with industry experts that you
wish to conduct to solve the problem, or take advantage of the opportunity.
A proposal is a contract. Make sure you will be able to conduct the research you are proposing.
Also make sure that the secondary research materials will actually be available for you to use.
You must deliver in the final report what you promised in the proposal.
Required Proposal Sections:
Introduction – Provides a \”hook\” to capture the reader\’s interest
Background – Identifies the problem, convinces the reader the problem exists,and convinces the
reader you understand the problem completely
Proposed Plan – Discusses your plan for solving the problem including information on the
research; mentions the attached proposed references list; and uses a schedule or timetable
Staffing – Describes your real credentials and expertise; mentions relevant experience, education,
or even specific courses
Authorization – closes with a request for approval, motivates action, and includes an end date