Performance Management Best Practice: A Case Study of SEEF Limited

Dear Writer,

Please write the Literature Review (2500 Words) and Methodology (1500 words) for a proposal for the above title.

Description of what is required:

Literature review

In this section, you will discuss how your work fits with the existing published work. Find at least 15 sources of academic information (references) connected to the work you propose to do and analyse them to show how your research may fill or extend an existing gap. Compare and contrast the sources with each other and with your approach. Remember that you must paraphrase the articles in your own words (appropriately referenced, of course) and synthesise their potential contribution to your research; they should not be presented as a \’list\’ of articles. At least half of the sources must be from refereed academic journals, which will be found in the online library. Citations from the main textbooks used for your modules are NOT sufficient here. However, you may find it useful to use the bibliographies in these texts to point you in the direction of some initial, more detailed, academic papers.

List your references in a bibliography at the end of your Proposal, using the Harvard referencing system. These references will comprise part of your full bibliography once your dissertation gets started. They can also be included in your literature review chapter of your final submission.

2. Research methodology and methods

Your dissertation gives you the opportunity to explore in detail some aspect of theory, knowledge or skills that you have encountered during the taught modules of your degree. The research process that you will undertake will require you to engage in some way with theory and its relationship to managerial practice. However, there are different ways that you might approach this task. In this section, you will discuss your research methodology. Consider the epistemological approach that you intend to take – is it positivist, relativist or constructionist? Your epistemological approach will inform the research design you choose (action research, survey, case study, etc.). Next, consider the research methods that you will use to collect both the secondary and primary data. Will you undertake a pilot study? What about your questionnaire design and sample? You must be able to justify your choice in terms of your learning objectives, your research question and your research approach.
Harvard Referencing is to be followed pleasae.

The attached file contains an Introduction on the subject and some Background of the company SEEF Limited. More information can be obtained from:

Essential Sources
: The majority or at the very least half sources must be from refereed academic journals.
Requested Source
: The majority or at the very least half sources must be from refereed