Propose your own vision of a circular model of sustainability for NYC

this will be part of the paper you did for me, I will use it at the end.

use this website as a source and reference just one page on this no need to give me a reference page.

its \” \”Gowanus Canal Superfund cleanup, which will take place over the next decade. Dredging the length of the Canal and installing two new CSO detention tanks will have significant impacts at all sites along the canal, and potentially many nearby. In addition, especially for sites along the Canal, the specific requirements of the cleanup itself (e.g. consent decree payments, site remediation, bulkhead replacement) will directly impact the economics and design of any future efforts. As the details of the cleanup emerge over the next year, they will need to inform plans for development\”

I want to use the Circular or model to manipulate the canal superfund cleanup in Gowanus so I want to talk about my vision of Gowanus using circular or linear model how good that is for the environment and just last two sentence you can say this will be a model so other neighborhoods in nyc can look at and soon implement.

I want 1 page on this argument of Propose your own vision of a circular model of sustainability for NYC

I am proposing my own vision of a circular model using Gowanus as an example this is why I gave you a link to website.

when you look at website you will see circular model can not be applied in Gowanus clean up so that is why it is my own vision I am manipulating it to help me with my argument