Proposed Prevention Program and Rationale

Submit your proposed prevention program rationale for the course project. Explains need and rationale for selecting target population and thoroughly identifies a prevention program focus, thoroughly explaining specific risk and protective factors involved. Explains several perspectives to clearly establish the relationship of the proposed program focus to prevention of body image and eating disturbances.

1. You will identify a specific target population in a specific community to be served by your prevention program.

2. Develop a statement of the problem and provide a brief overview of the proposed prevention program and its relationship to prevention of body image or eating disturbances, offering scholarly substantiation to support your plan.

3. Your proposed program should be focused on only one or two related risk or protective factors rather than something comprehensive.

4. You can choose to intervene at any point in the child\’s or young adult\’s life, and at any layer of the target population\’s ecological system as long as the relationship to reduction of risk or promotion of protective factors is identified. So be creative! This will be one small piece of a larger ecological puzzle.

5. Your proposed plan must be consistent with the research on prevention of body image or eating disturbances and must be approved by your instructor.

6. Your project planning will develop and evolve as you study the content of each unit. This assignment primarily serves to identify your key problem, target population, and a possible program model or approach.

7. Cite and reference 7 or more and 4 peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles identified in your preliminary planning.