Psychiatric emergency care

In this assignment, you are required to choose a scenario from your own experience,
preferably in clinical practice, which involved someone in a mental health emergency situation.

Use the following headings indicated in bold to structure your paper.

Scenario- describe the scenario (concealing the identity of consumers and other people involved) and a brief rationale for choosing this scenario

Response describe your personal (emotional) and professional response to the emergency

Management and outcomes constructively reflect on the management and outcomes of this emergency, guided by one of the models of reflection described in the readings:
Consider the structural, policy and legal context in the jurisdiction (ie country/state/organisation) in which the scenario occurred, and the other issues and perspectives that have been raised and discussed in this course
Consider how you and your colleagues responded to the emergency
Consider how this response was recovery-focussed
Propose how the outcomes could have been improved

Conclusion provide a brief summation of your paper