Psychoanalytic case study with comparison to cognitive behavioural

Masters Level, Psychology, Final assignment, Case Study• Value: 40% of final gradeInstructions for Developing the Case1. Pick a fictional character from a movie, television show – I picked the Abusive male husband in the movie Sleeping With The Enemy. Describe his personality from a psychoanalytic perspective2. Briefly describe the movie/television show/book and introduce the character. – I have a lot of notes on this in my attached draft. I sort of started the essay in places, other places there are just lots of notes and blurbs plus their references, not formatted in APA 6th edition format yet. Other possible references are on the reference list sheet, not yet in APA 6th ed. format either. sorry!3. Use subheadings to make it very clear which elements within the psychoanalytic case study you are describing4. Highlight the significant terms associated with the psychoanalytic approach. For example, in discussing the character from a psychoanalytic perspective, you will stress important terms such as \”the unconscious,\” \”the id,\” \”the ego,\” \”the Super Ego,\” \”defenses,\” and so forth.5. Demonstrate critical thinking by doing any of the following:a.  Compare/contrast your chosen perspective with another perspective of your choice – I would like to compare with a cognitive behavioural approach. Offer an evaluation of your theoretical perspective. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen theoretical perspective.6. Summarize your discussion at the end of the paper.7. By following these steps you will have effectively created your case study.8. Make sure you cite all peer-reviewed sources you use to write your case study as well as referencing your textbook, and the movie/television show/book. Incorporate 15 peer reviewed, academic sources. – I have attached a reference list to pull from and some of the articles. Sources must be recent, i.e., published within the past 10 years.9. Similar to all other assignments, the paper will be in APA format.[1]10. The paper should be 2,750 words (+/- 250 words), excluding title and reference pages.EvaluationThe following rubric indicates those areas you should be focusing on in preparing your assignment, and how the instructor will weigh these components relative to one another.Criteria PointsPsychological Perspective /35Critical Thinking /40Summary /10Format, writing, and APA style /15Total /100[1] While this is not a research paper, you must still comply with the APA Form and Style Manual.