L01- 1.1 Please talk about Sigmund Freud (5 stage) and Erik Erikson (8 stage) Life Span Development theories and compare them with each other.

LO1 -1.2 In your report explain how all the following psychological theories (behavioural; cognitive; psychodynamic and humanistic) relate to different life stages in health and social care. You can provide an overview of each theories (Freud, Erickson, Maslow, Rogers and Piaget and then talk about one life stages under each theories and how it can be used to support service users in health and social care.

LO2 – 2.1 Explain social and biological factors that influence human behaviour that supports the case study (See assignment attached separately for the case study). Please explain how social factors such as socialisation, family, education, culture and environment influence human behaviour when they are child. Biological factors are genetic, traits, nature vs nurture argument.

L02- 2.2 Using the case study (see assignment) above analyse the importance of social roles in the context of health and social care setting such as relationships (brother, sister, mother, father), self concept (Mead and Cooley). Explain context of sick role behaviour (Marxist view).

L03- 3.1 Use the case study ( see assignment), In the first part you must analyse the application of psychological theories in relation to individuals in the case study who are experiencing elevated levels of stress such as illness, work stress, bereavement, loss.

LO3 A-3.2 In the second part of your report you will analyse how psychological theories relate to behaviour disturbances (attention deficit disorder, mental health, autistic disorder and alcohol and drug addiction) and relate your answers to the case study.
Note (The purpose of the Task 3A case study is that it provides a scenario of various stressors that individuals experience and how it can affect peoples wellbeing (Physical, social, emotional, psychological, financial etc.). In essence Task 3A will enable learners to assess psychological theories that relate to behavioural disturbances.

LO3B- 3.1B The first part of your article you will analyse how psychological theories informs understanding of mental disorders (psychosis, depression, schizophrenia, eating disorder).

LO3B – 3.2B The second part of your article you will evaluate the application of psychological principles affecting behaviour change (health promotion, coping strategies, therapy and care strategies) in health and social care setting.

LO3B – 3.3B In the final section of your article you will analyse how psychological theories can enhance understanding of relationships (users of service, families and friends, care worker) in health and social care.

Note (Using your experience with service users in health and social care, explain how a psychological approach has supported your understanding of how psychology informs health and social care practice).