Pursuit of Happiness Speech (when he\’s talking to his son)

SPEECH Analysis
Word Count for Essay: 1000 Word minimum Assignment Description:
An effective speech analysis must accomplish the following:
Identify the overall theme or message of a speech.
Describe how a speaker tailors a speech to his or her audience and speaking context.
Analyze the rhetorical techniques (such as pathos, ethos, and logos) used by the speaker.
Establish a scholarly ethos by using appropriate grammar and style.
This assignment has two major elements:
1.) Locate a speech related to music, or a song that agues something (or select one from those we\’ve done in class).
2.) Write a 1000 word minimum analysis of this speech or song, describing and evaluating the authors argument, focusing to large extent upon the rhetorical strategies the author uses.
Your essay should answer the following questions (though not necessarily in this order):
1.) How does this speech use logos, ethos, and pathos?
2.) Who is the specific audience, and what is the speech trying to persuade the audience to think/do?
3.) Is the speech persuasive and effective? Why or why not?

Your analysis should include an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs with arguable topic sentences, and a conclusion that synthesizes your argument. To earn an A on this essay, you will need to use quotations from the original speech in support of your analysis. You will use APA format for style conventions and to cite the speech you are analyzing. You must submit an electronic copy of your paper and bring a stapled hard copy to class on the due date. No late papers will be accepted.
All essays for this class should be typed, double-spaced, with Times New Roman 12 pt. font and 1-inch margins all around. Do not forget to include an APA-style cover page, but you do not need to write an abstract for this assignment.

– give background of story
– who is the audience (the boy), what does he use to tailor that speech for the boy
-give where it takes place, how setting could play a role