Thesis is similar to this, but cannot be worded exactly like this because this came from the professor. \”Pythagoras\’ work–taken as a whole–demonstrates a distinctive (or unique) approach to a set of traditional philosophical questions such as the question of the nature of reality, knowledge and the good life. Through a survey of the fragments and views attributed to Pythagoras, I intend to showcase Pythagoras\’ distinctive approach and claim that Pythagoras\’ contribution to philosophy is substantial and that it was already appreciated by his ancient followers and critics (such as Plato and Aristotle, for instance).\”NOTE: Although a focus on the theory of the music of the heavenly spheres should definitely be included in detail, you can break down your paper into sections, one section dealing with Pythagoras and the mathematical understanding of reality, another devoted to Pythagoras\’ view of the good life, another to his views on eschatology (life after death). You do not need to include a brief history on Pythagoras since I already have that. Thank you!