Quantitative Research Proposal on the effects of Compassion Fatigue/Burnout on nursing clinical errors

*Title of the Study (Succinctly describes topic/name the variables)*Purpose of Study (overall reason for study)*Significance of the Study(why study is important)*Statement of the research problem*Theoretical Framework (describe and relate to study)*Brief Literature Review (10 articles, 4 need to be Research and critiqued per course guidelines with a synthesis)-For the literature critiques cover the following:1st: describe the article including purpose, design, N= ,statistical analysis (including p value);2nd: identify strengths of the research (you use the critiqueguidelines to cogently identify strengths in a sentence or 3)3rd: identify weaknesses of the research (you use thecritique guidelines to cogently identify weaknesses in asentence or two;4th relate the study/article to your proposed study.*Definitions of variables (theoretical and operational)*Research Questions (or Hypothesis Statement)*Research Design (level, type & why it is best for your question)*Assumptions, Limitations and Delimitations*Sample (sample criteria, method)*Data Collection (overview procedure to collect data, Include protection of Human Subjects)*Instruments (reliability and validity, level of data; collected by instrument)*Plan for Data Analysis (describe specific stats tests or qualitative analysis planned)