Quantitative Social Resaerch Method

Hi there,
I have this subject called Quantitative Social Research Method. I have a research project in this subject, Also, I have chose a quantitative research questions and 3 hypotheses. the question is Volunteering among undergraduate. Who volunteers and why?

The following were new hypothesises:

1) Students who think volunteering make them more employable are more likely to volunteer (behavioural beliefs).

2)Students whose parents regularly volunteer are more likely to volunteer (normative beliefs).

3)Students who are living in a walking distance from a non-profit organisation are more likely to volunteer (control beliefs).

Also, i have done the Abstract, Introduction, Methods, and Now i need your help to finish the statistical analysis to write the results assignment.

Results :
This minor assignment will let me organise all the information I need to write the results section of the final major assignment. To complete this assignment I have completed collecting all my survey data where they were 30 participants and entered this data into the statistical package social science SPSS in preparation for conducting descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing. However, I used SPSS to undertook the descriptive statistics. then i conducted an appropriate test for each of the 3 hypotheses that I\’ve stated in my research plan and the.

Now i have conducted appropriate descriptive and inferential statistics so that I can
1) Describe who took part in my study,

2) Report the results of three hypothesis tests you conducted using both numbers and words I have collected

I have the SPSS output for the descriptive and the 3 hypothesis, I want to you produce a descriptive statistics of the data I have collected using the template provided to complete this assignment which I will upload to u plz notice that each hypothesis have 4 questions need to be answered regarding the example. In addition, i have already answer all most of them and my answers have a blue colour so you can have a bit idea develop it plz and countenou it. Also, I will upload a result example, tests cheat sheet so you can see how to write the answer in word and numbers. thx