Reading Chinese Philosophy

– The objective of the final essay is to develop a short analysis of the following philosophical notion: Humanness ren ?
– At least five classical Chinese quotations + their translations, from 2 Cheng Brothers (Cheng hao, Cheng Yi), and Dai Zhen, relative to the notion. All of the indicated sections shall be accompanied (at the end of the file) by images (scan/photo/screenshot) of the corresponding pages in formal printed editions of the relative texts. Correct references are to be given for each quotation.
– At least five secondary academic sources (in English).

I have some other requirements that the essay should follow:
– The main question of the essay will argue is that how Ren is known as a human moral demand; how important of ren in humans society, relationship.
– Short explain the original creation of word ren (illustrated by human and two man characters), then lead to its meaning, how the word ren expresses the meaning of moral.
– Briefly analyze the idea of ren as humanness, moral, virtue relying on Chinese thinkers. You should concentrate on the 2 Cheng brothers and Dai Zhen\’s ideology, as well as linking to the book Zhong Yong. And also consult the idea of the two Cheng brothers through the book Why Be Moral? Learning from the Neo-Confucian Cheng Brothers to understand the modern ideology of ren.
– If it is possible to find sources of Vietnamese ideology related to \’ren\’, then it\’s better to mention some in comparision.
– Express deeply how the people think of humanness and how they reality use ren in their life. It also explains how ren is so important in society and peoples relationship.
– ATTENTION: The classical Chinese quotation should not be directly quote from the Greatest philosopher i.e. Kong Zi, Han Fei Zi, Zi Ci…., but from Dai Zhen and Cheng Brothers or others.

You do not have to follow exactly the above structure. It\’s better if you could intergrate the thinker\’s ideology and effect of using that moral in life.

I know it is quite rare and hard topic to do a research. If you have any confusing or question please text or email me.

Thank you a lot for your help.