Reading responses and explaining to chapter readings in John Locke and David Hume

Required Readings:John Lock, \”Two Treatise of Government: Book 2\” Chapter 18, 19David Hume, \”Of the Original Contract\” Essay 12Part 1: Responding To Parts Of The Reading(a chapter, an argument, and explanation of an important concept. You need not to respond to all of the readings.)• Respond to the readings by:a) Explaining and critical thinking about some crucial component(s) of the author’s argumentb) Explaining the argument that you are focusing on, which will include locating the argument (or aspect of some argument) within the overall framework and main objective of the reading (provide some context)• Tips:- You might choose to situate the reading in the context of the themes- You might make explicit an implicit premise that the author relies on without mentioning, or even “fix up” the argument by adding a premise you take to be missing- You might question one (or more) of the premises the author uses to make a point by thinking of a counterexample, or likely objectionPart 2: Come Up With Questions• Questions that you are unsure about the author’s reasoning in places• Raise specific questions about the connection of themes raised in this reading with other issues that have come upNote: Please write down which chapter and which paragraph number you are explaining