reaserch management

Please note that I\’m working on my dissertation proposal. This assignment I should present the literature review for my dissertation proposal.
In this stage of the Proposal, you will explore how your work fits existing published work, by reviewing literature on your research topic. While gathering sources for your review, keep in mind that your final literature review for the dissertation should represent a thorough understanding of what has already been written about the subject. In addition, consider how your research question derives from the knowledge you have gained from the resources in your review.
Choose three articles from online library resources which are relevant to the subject of the dissertation, and complete a review of these articles. Discuss the key arguments and findings, describing how you think they apply to your topic and specific research questions, plus the potential implications of these findings for your research.
Please note that you must paraphrase the articles in your own words (appropriately referenced, of course) and synthesise their potential contribution to your research; they should not be presented as a \’list\’ of articles.
Please note below couple of references that I believe it matches my topic and the name of the book that I\’m reading it.
Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R. and Jackson, P. 2012. Management Research. 4th ed. London: SAGE Publications.
Krithika GK, and Ganesh L. 2013. Perception of Loyalty Programmes and their Influence on Purchase. Behaviour, Store Attractiveness and Loyalty. International Journal of Advances in Management and Economics, 2(5), p. 107-115.
Magatef, S. G and Tomalieh, E. F. 2015. The Impact of Customer Loyalty Programs on Customer Retention. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 6(8), p. 78-93.
Rese, M., Hundertmark, A., Schimmelpfennig, H. and Schons, L. M. 2013. Loyalty program types as drivers of customer retention: a comparison of stand-alone programs and multi-vendor loyalty programs through the lens of transaction cost economics. The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 23(3), p. 305-323.

Nevertheless I have attached two files which contains my topic\’s aim and objective.