Reflect critically on the meaning and the importance of marketing in relation to the creation of value for stakeholders. Please illustrate your arguments using applicable examples from different companies.

Directions for Coursework Assessment:
Written essay: This is an individual assignment.
Your work should be 2,500 words long (plus or minus 10%) excluding title page, tables, references
and appendences (1.5-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, margins: top/bottom/left/right
2.5cm).Please note that an executive summary is NOT required.
It would be expected that together with the main readings listed in this booklet, you will incorporate
additional material from articles published in various academic and non-academic marketing and
business sources.
Issues and concepts related to the essay will be discussed in detail in Seminar 01; further time will be set
aside in each lecture and seminar class to answer questions pertaining the development of the
assignment framework, outline and content. Students are advised to start working on the essay straight
away, particularly in terms of their background research, as the topic will be covered between Lecture
01 and Seminar 01 in order to provide early guidance and support. Very good marks are only awarded
to essays making use of a broader literature, especially journal articles and recognised sources of
marketing knowledge.
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Although students will be given advice during lectures, and encouraged to discuss the essay question, it
should be emphasised that the essay must be their own work. Please make sure that you try and write
as much of your assignment as possible, avoiding frequent citations. Paraphrasing is the best way to
ensure your thinking and reflection are presented: Referencing is then needed to support the arguments
made in your writing.
Plagiarism is a serious disciplinary offence, whether taken from published works, your or other
students essays. All essays must have a full reference section at the end, and citations within the text
(e.g. Brassington & Pettit, 2006). Web sites must also be clearly referenced in text and listed in full at
the back of your work.
It is recommended that students use the referencing system discussed in the Undergraduate Handbook.
The Department does checks for plagiarism on all coursework. In conjunction with this please read
Section 5.2.5 -5.2.6 on page 87 of the Undergraduate Handbook for the guidelines on plagiarism and
Refer to Sections 5 & 6 of the Undergraduate Handbook for more details on assessment and other
important information.
Do use the online library to increase your breadth of reading, the library electronic facilities are available
Two Hour Written Exam – 65% of the total mark