Reflection on ethical issues in ultrasound


A reflective piece of writing describing an aspect of learning in my ultrasound clinical placement which has
changed your perspective of the ethical issues in ultrasound, or has provided insight into some aspect of ultrasound. I have decided to write a reflection on ethical issues in ultrasound.

Please start off the essay with:
My ultrasound clinical placement at PRC Bentley Hospital in my Medical Imaging Course exposed me to a wide variety of patients. These included pregnant patients, patients who had musculoskeletal conditions, abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds.

Please read the attached word document instructions carefully and follow the marking rubric case study guidelines carefully as this will determine the grade that the marker gives. In addition, you have address and meet the 4 generic unit learning outlines for the case study. The generic unit learning outcomes for this unit are as follows: 1. Analyse the role of the chosen field in the diagnostic/ therapeutic process (In this case, ultrasound) 2. Apply principles of the chosen field (ultrasound) in order to participate effectively as part of a team in the workplace. 3. Describe the key aspects of various standard examinations or operations within the chosen field (ultrasound) . 4. Analyse the future directions/current research of the chosen field (ultrasound).