Reflection Paper

Visit a setting in which you think you are likely to be the minority. That is you are the only person or one of very few people like you, in regard to a particular social identity group membership. this is setting will be one that you do not typically frequent or have not been before. This is to be a setting in which you expect to be the only person who is representative of either your race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status/class, sexual orientation, religious preference, ability or age. The paper must describe: the experience, where you went, why you chose to go there, what happened, who was involved, how you behaved, what feelings/emotions came up for you, how others responded to you had. What you experienced and learned as a result of this experience? What about yourself do you want to explore further? How might you apply your learning in this experience to your work as a culturally competent mental health counselor.