Reflective Diary

This is the requirement from the lecture:

Students are expected to reflect on the key issues for each seminar and document their response in writing using ideas from the key theories and readings in the seminars. Students are to reflect on at least five (5) seminars ( 2 diary entries must be based on the Guest Lectures) resulting in 5 diary entries. What are the main ideas/theories discussed? Are there key issues/theories? Have your ideas changed or been reinforced in terms of issues covered in the seminars that relate to leadership? What have you learned more broadly? This diary is meant to reflect critical thinking and should be the student\’s own work. However, all quotes or ideas taken from other sources must be referenced appropriately using a recognised academic referencing system such as the author/date or Harvard referencing systems. URKUND is enabled for all assessment items in this unit.The diary must be submitted via Moodle on time. Late penalties will apply and extensions will only be considered when the extension form is signed and submitted well before the due date with supporting documentation.
Word Count Rules: The word count is conducted by using the word count function in Microsoft Word by highlighting the first word of the first sentence to the last word of the last sentence. The word count includes all in-text references and quotes but does not include the title or the reference list. Plus or minus 10% leeway is given for the word count, for example the Reflective Diary (2,000words) must be within 1800 to 2,200 words. Markers will ignore those parts of the essay that exceed the word limit, and essays which are under the word limit will be considered as not representing a completed assessment task. Excessive use of quotes will be heavily penalised. Writing to a set word count is a requirement in almost every profession.

Please make sure you take note of the following before submitting your reflective diary:

1) Please read the instructions in the unit outline and the Academic Skills lecture before submitting your reflective diary.
2) Please do not focus on the entire seminar (do not attempt to summarise the entire seminar). The instructions clearly state to choose one or two concepts/theories from each seminar to focus on.
3) You must stick to the word limits.
4) You must reference if you use other people\’s words. The reflective diary is not based on research however you must always acknowledge other people\’s work appropriately.
5) Use subheadings in the reflective diary to indicate which seminar the concepts are from.
6) Do not simply focus on describing your experience or the concept/theory. Critical reflection/analysis means asking why are things the way they are? What does the theory say and what happens in real life? Do they match? If not, why not. If yes, which parts and how? Always use concepts and theories and language from the unit. This is not a personal diary, this is still an assessment item that should demonstrate your understanding of theories and concepts form the unit.
7) You can use the first person in the diary (I) but you cannot and should not use the royal \’we\’. You are the sole author of the work and this is not group work. You must still use formal language in the reflective diary. Please edit your work carefully before submission.
8) Please follow instructions as you will lose marks for not following instructions.

My expection:

1. You are going to write 5 topics about 5 seminars that I attended before. 3 of them were lecture seminars which included the slides and I will attach the slides along with this order.
2. There is no slides of the other 2 guest lecture topics. They are about Power and Leadership and Leading Teams. You are free to write anything about these 2 topics, Just make sure you have 2 references per each.
3. There are about 400 words and 2 references per each topics (the references can be from journal either articles or websites, No books please).
4. As the lecture said, Please do not focus on the entire seminar (do not attempt to summarise the entire seminar). The instructions clearly state to choose one or two concepts/theories from each seminar to focus on.
Thank you so much.