Reflective Journel

2 references for each Journal.

You are expected to think about and make journal entries based on the lectures for an eleven week period starting from week 2 through to week 12 and post some of your thoughts on Discussion Board. In these journal entries, try and respond to the following questions:
1. What new perspectives, information or awareness did you gain from the lecture and readings?
2. How do you feel about the above and did it help change your existing beliefs and attitudes regarding Indigenous people, history, society, culture, health, politics or beliefs? 3. How might this new information, awareness and perspective influence your general outlook/attitudes and/or professional practice or further education/study?
From your eleven (11) weekly journal entries and lectures, choose three (3) and using essay style format write approximately 500-600 words per entry. It is the quality of your entries not the quantity that is important. We do not want to stifle your capacity to write and reflect so feel free to write as much as you would like but ensure that the 3 entries that are submitted for adhere to the word limit.

Responding to these three themes you will need to:
Demonstrate critical thinking
Provide evidence supporting your perspectives or provide evidence that supports your explanation
Refer to contemporary issues that have been expressed publically (government report, policy, media or health policies/practices)
Provide a reference list
It is not a summary of the topic, or a recount of the information but your personal response to what you have learnt ad how it has/has not changed you and the way you think about Indigenous health, history and contemporary issues.