i will upload all the resourse you shoild to use and the report question ,rubric and Referencing is per AGLC3 a pdf which i upload and some important lecture and the course themes.


Identify a current issue related to crime or anti-?social behaviour.

Considering the interests of the stakeholders, identify a policy goal to address this issue.
Nominate one of the following criminological theories of governance responsive regulation, restorative justice, re-?integrative shaming and propose a policy response to realise your policy goal.
Critically analyse whether or not your chosen criminological theory of governance would be useful in realising your policy goal.

The issue

The issue that you use may or may not be an issue that you used in Assignment 1(dont use these issues / teen bullying, managing treatment of greyhounds, stabbing) . You should choose an issue that interests you and one that you think suits the themes of the Unit.