Research paper

Every student will conduct research and will write an 8 to 10-page research paper on a topic relevant to
the history of Southeast Asia from the 18th century.

You must choose the topic of your research. The professor will not provide topics for students.

Each research paper must follow the guidelines outlined in the University of Ottawas department of history guide for writing papers:

Each research paper will be evaluated according to the following guidelines (in order of importance):
I) Presence of a clearly communicated thesis statement or hypothesis
II) Substantial research in order to support the thesis of the paper and proper citations
III) Quality of the writing (no grammatical, typographical, syntactical errors)
IV) Coherent and logical structure of the paper
V) Proper format for the title page, page numbers, footnotes or endnotes, bibliography, etc..
VI) Originality
Each research paper must use and include at least the minimum number of sources used
in the bibliography assignment.

please see the bibliography and the research topic that you wrote before for me. just to remind you only keep one topic as you choose for the bibliography. thank you.