Research Project, Final Step

The goal of this assignment is to guide you through to completion of the experimental design of your research project and to its implementation. In short, you should now finalize planning. Do it!

As you finalize your report, be guided by the following list. Overall hint: Be practical!

State your conclusions in a way that relates your findings to your hypothesis.

Indicate other approaches you considered for your study.

Identify any confounded variables that may have limited the internal validity of your study.

Give your assessment of the likelihood that confounding actually occurred.

Consider contextual factors as well as ethical, logical, and cultural dimensions of the problem.

Identify the limits to the external validity of your experiment in regard to your subjects, operational definitions, and experimental situation.

Report any theoretical implications of your findings.

Evaluate your findings in terms of historical data, reasoning, and logic.

Note: Your experiment tested no formal theory, but you may be able to identify some testable predictions that follow logically from your conclusions. Let these predictions serve as theoretical implications.

Discuss whether your results can be generalized and to what population.

Discuss their feasibility.

Report any practical implications or impacts of your findings.

Consider and discuss the need for further work on the topic.