(Research Proposal!) Anything of your choice on any Eating disorder

The research proposal can be of your own choice on/about any Eating disorder. It has to be realistic and done in relation to Health/Clinical psychology!

The main requirements/questions (additional requirements for each part of the proposal will be added in additional files):

– What is the problem? What has been done before and how will the proposed work add to it? What is theory behind your intervention?

– What is the innovative aspect in the research project?

– Make sure the introduction is clearly focused and includes only relevant literature.

– What are the aims and hypothesis of the study?

– Make sure your methods are detailed and well-thought through.

– Is the design feasible given practical and ethical constrains?

– Are the measures valid and reliable?

– Who are your proposed participants, how will they be recruited, and how will you account for exclusions and drop out rates?

– Will your methods enable you to achieve your aims and test your hypotheses?

– Discuss strengths and limitations of the methods.

– What aspects of the design, measures, participants are good/help you achieve your aims?

– What elements of the methods are compromised due to ethical, practical, or demographic constraints?

– How do your methods limit the generalizability of the findings?

Any questions – please contact me ASAP.

Wish you all the best!