Research proposal on body image, dairy intake and bone health of 20-29 years old women in New South Whales, Australia

Answer the questions below from ethics application form for my research project according to the proposal and literature review provided.

100 words summary of the project

Describe how you will identify and select potential participants for recruitment into the study. You should include information about how you will obtain contact details for potential participants.

Describe how and where initial contact will be made with potential participants and how you will avoid real or perceived coercion. Copies of all relevant correspondence (e.g. email, letter of introduction, covering letter, circular/flyer etc.) need to be uploaded with your application. If you are using email addresses please outline how their use will not be in breach of privacy or spam legislation.

If a participant, or person on behalf of a participant, chooses to withdraw from the research, what specific consequences should they be made aware of, prior to giving consent? These details should be included in the Participant Information Statement.

Online surveys
Outline how these recordings will be used and why they are necessary to achieve the aims of the research project. If your project involves online surveys, state where the surveys will be hosted and comment on any security, data ownership and privacy constraints associated with this survey host.
the data will be used and only used by the researcher.
When doing survey, participants will be provided with an ID associated with his/her document and the researcher who analyze data will only be given the survey with ID rather than name on it.

Describe how the overall results of this research project will be disseminated
(e.g. journal publications and book chapters, conference presentations, student theses, creative works).
Journal publications

Outline how feedback concerning the overall results of the project will be made available to participants (e.g. via a lay summary or newsletter). If participants are not to receive feedback, please justify why not.

Describe where study materials will be stored upon COMPLETION of the project (including electronic and hardcopy files, consent forms, audio recordings, questionnaires, interview transcripts, video recordings, photographs etc). Please include building and room numbers for hardcopy materials. Note that on conclusion of the project a copy of all materials must be kept in an accessible and secure location on University premises.

Outline the security measures that will be used to protect study materials from misuse, loss or unauthorised access during and after the project (e.g. removal of identifiers, secure storage, restriction of access to appropriate personnel etc).

Participation in research can involve potential harm to participants including physical, psychological, reputational, financial, spiritual, emotional and social distress. Please outline any potential harm and justify it with regard to the potential benefits of the project. What steps will the researchers take to minimise potential harm endured as a consequence of participation? (e.g. by providing access/information to counselling)

Outline in lay language the theoretical, empirical and/or conceptual basis, background evidence for the research proposal with reference to the relevant literature (include at least four research citations). Note, that your study should be \”based on a thorough study of the current literature, as well as previous studies\” (NS 1.1 c).

Outline in lay language the methodology for the research proposal. Note, that you study should be \”designed or developed using methods appropriate for achieving the aims of the proposal\” (NS 1.1 b). Your response should include:
Aims and hypotheses/research questions
Research plan including duration of the study and/or timeline
Participant characteristics including sex, age range and inclusion/exclusion criteria (if relevant)
The intended sample size with a justification, and/or the particiant sampling/selection strategy (as relevant to your study)
Details of where the study will be undertaken (location/site/URL)
Details of how data will be collected and analysed
Potential significance of the study