research taxi industry service

i have done hafl of the paper so just need more edit. I will send you a marking guide for the instruction. Also, another marking guide to fix the research paper.
Please take time to do the survey question, I will send you the link of the survey question. Please remember to analyse the result after doing survey.
I will send some of my lecture note to have some idea to do and fix my research paper.
Please check the references need at least one book, one academic journal. ALSO All References need to be from 2010.
In this research paper I also compare it with Uber service
Please use some of references below:
– Blumberg, B, Cooper, C & Schindler, P 2015 , Business Research Methods, 4th edn, McGraw-Hill, UK.
– Blumberg, B, Cooper, C & Schindler, P 2015 , Business Research Methods, 12th edn, McGraw-Hill, UK
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Please did the survey question and answer some interview question I did in my research paper
I need at least 20 people do survey, 2 taxi drivers do taxi driver\’s interview question and 2 customer use taxi service and Uber service.