resolution of a conflict

Hello Peter,
this assignment is reflective essay on a conflict situation during nursing practice and how to resolve it in best possible way. there isnt something specific we have to write about. we have to choose a conflict situation at work and reflect on it as a future nurses. i have an preposition for you to write about to sound more personal not general talking. i had a conflict with my mentor in ICU who was very rude person and i decide to walk away instead of entering in argument with her. i spoke with the nurse in charge to be relocated to another mentor for this particular shift. after the mentor who was rude to me realize her mistake came to speak to me and apologies. If you can use this example to write an reflective essay from the point of view of nursing student i think will sound more realistic. If you have any questions please message me. when i will be marked they will use level 6 marking grid which suppose not only to analyse but to make suggestions and reflect critically over the situation. I will attached the assignment requirements . Thank you for you help. I hope this essay to be nice as the previous ones. Its due 1st of November.Sorry about the