Review of 1social media tools and their applications relevant to the industry. Illustrated document,

our Objectives (Social Media)

These are important in order to target your social media activity in terms of ROI – ie: you need to have something against which to measure your proposed return on investment.
Try to frame them in terms of the SMART objectives we discussed in Week 4 and in subsequent workshops
Ideally include:
A brand positioning objective – eg: \”to position our brand as an authentic streetwear brand with genuine connection to the independent music scene\”
Some specific, measurable objectives – eg: to increase unique visits to our website by 30% over 6 months

The 1 social media tools to be used by your brand

Why and what is the ROI against objectives?
Identify key features of each platform chosen and how they can be relevant to meeting objectives.

Brand Description

ONCE is a young brand who thinks in the active woman. We seek to deliver a product that guarantees a pleasant sports practice, a result of the combination of two concepts: comfort: designing all the clothes from the investigation of the female body, expressed through shape and seams, with the application of specialized materials and fashion: We apply the latest trends of the season in details of clothing and finishing process. The fusion of these concepts allows us to offer a product with the highest quality standards commensurate with the requirements of the market and fashion.

Brand Essence

Bright individually-comfort style

Brand Position Statement
Once is an activewear label that brings an inspiration to reboot a new style life.

Brand Position Statement and reason to believe

Technology comfort, limited editions, and new prints inspirited by South Americans cultures guarantee you will feel different every single day.

ONCE is not only an inspirational brand but is an active lifestyle.

Market Category

In different stages of career but share common passion
Inner City & Suburbia
Expenses lifestyle costs
Pride in appearance
Health, fitness, Gym, organic lifestyle, and detox trends
Life schedule: always an event to attend.
Using: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter; magazine, tv shows Updated always!!
Follow fitness blogs, and groups.

Costumer Persona

Analia Smith, 26 years old. Australian.
She is model, and single.
Analia has a life schedule: concurs to important events (in relating of her work), hosting or supporting events.

Healthy lifestyle, her physical appearance is totally important, due to she is an icon a point of reference to follow.

Technology and sociable network active
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), she has a blogger where to update her lifestyle.


Strong and independent
An icon to follow
Beauty feminine
Passionate about fashion