Role of the Manager and the Impact of Organizational Theories on Managers

In Part One of this analysis, students are to use the facts from the case scenario to determine the two different organizational theories that are demonstrated. For Part Two, students will discuss using the course readings the implications of change in being a 21st century manager.In selecting a School of Thought and an organizational theory that best describes the current shipping manager, students will use the timeline, the information provided in the course schedule, the course readings. Students will use the course readings to respond to most of the assignment requirements but will also need to research the theorist(s) and theories to complete the assignment. Students are expected to be thorough and demonstrate accuracy in responding to the assignment, analyzing the case scenario and in supporting all reasoning.Not all questions have right and wrong answers. Some have best answers. This means you have to look at the course material and conclude your answers through the reading as a whole. You have to explain how you arrived at your conclusions and supported the conclusions with the source material and facts of the case scenario.A best answer is one that has shown critical thinking and has arrived at a conclusion that best answers the assignment questions given the material and facts. Another answer may be concluded from the material and may be supported, but its logic is not as sound given the material; therefore, not the best answer. You can receive points for the less than the best answer, as it is not wrong. You will not receive all the points; however, because you have not given the best answer. An example would be John researches automobiles to purchase the best-used car for under $20,000. He uses Consumer Reports, JD Power, the Internet websites of local dealers and Car Faxes to help make a decision. John knows he wants an SUV that seats seven, gets the best gas mileage, has the best warranty, and has the least amount of mileage. John would also like the vehicle to be red but it is not a necessity. If your answer were to suggest a car that had all John except you gave up better gas mileage for the red color, your answer would not be the best answer. You would receive most of the points but not all. A car that had everything except it was black would be the best answer. Note, that if the question had a right or wrong answer the material would contain information that directly led to the conclusion about a car that had everything John wanted including the color red!