There are 4 assumptions about romance:1. Love conquers all.2. \”Chemistry\” = love3. My true love will be my soul mate4. True love is foreverSelect 2 relationships you have seen portrayed in television shows and draft a critical analysis of them by drawing on theories about love from the reading \”Cinderella\” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. As you write, you need to present the arguments of the reading and answer the questions, \”How do these relationships illustrate the theories about love from the reading\’s authors?\” and \”What details about these relationships lead you to your analysis?\”. To help focus your analysis, consider choosing two relationships from the same category of TV shows\” sitcoms, dramas, soap operas, or reality-based shows. DON\’T FORGET TO ADD YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES TO THE ESSAY! As you develop your essay, work with the following questions:- What is the nature of love relationships between these characters? Is it a flirtation? Are the couples newlyweds? Long married? On what social cues do the actors and the producers of the show reply to \”tell\” viewers what kind of relationships they are?- What assumptions about romance appear to drive these love relationships forward? Will they last? What details in the interactions between the characters lead you to your conclusions?- In what ways do these relationships support a particular theory about romance from the reading \”Cinderella\”?Source: ( First 5 pages)