Romantic Comedy Assessment

You will be asked to watch a romantic comedy of your choosing. Once you have completed watching the movie you will be asked to complete a short answer assessment. The assessment will address all of the following elements:

What is it about the characters/actors that the audience loves?
Who is is about the characters/actors that make us root for them?
What are the insurmountable odds that affect the relationship?
How does the object of desire conflict with the other objective? (ie: in You\’ve Got Mail, Tom Hanks wants to be with Meg Ryan, but he also wants to make money by closing down her store)
How does the movie adhere, or rebel, against each of the 11 structural elements you learned about in the presentation?

Structural elements of the romantic comedy that we have covered in class:
1. The audience must meet the hero before we meet the rival.
2. We must see the couple has their 1st meeting
3. The hero commits to the relationship at midpoint
4. The audience needs a superior point ( to find out before other characters)
5. The hero must in/regain love ( e.g. The America president.)
6. Is the hero pursuing or pursued?
7. The hero must have two pursuits at once
8. There must be lovemaking
9. There must be a B couple (supporting couple who is a best friends of the main couple)
10. There must be deception
11. There must be a happy ending

PLEASE NO cover page and NO work cited, just answer the questions in your own words based on the comedy