Rooms Divison Management

(Please only use journal articles as reference)

No longer is hotel technology viewed as an operating cost center. Today it is a
strategic item in the toolbox of the modern hotel executive.
(Vallen & Vallen 2012)
Technology, if used effectively, can enhance productivity, services, quality and
the bottom line (profitability), while improving areas such as the accommodation
product, customer needs, services, systems and procedures.

You will assume the role of the Front Office Manager where you will be required
Describe in detail how technology can be used to enhance the following
areas throughout the hotel;
o Front Office – Reservations (FITs / Groups) / Reception
o Communications, inc. PABX
o Guests Services – Concierge
Include in your response the advantages and disadvantages of using
technology throughout these areas.
Include in your response an example of a specific technology
application that could be implemented in each of these areas.
Describe how the future implementation of computer technology will affect
the management of service quality, and the impact that these changes will
have on the Rooms Division Management team, work teams and customers.
Remember to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages