Scenario Analysis of the fast moving consumer goods distribution landscape using the product category of beautycare by L\’oreal.

I have to write 5 pages and the assignment is the following:

1) Read the two articles on scenario analysis.

2) Apply the scenario technique to the fast-moving consumer goods distribution landscape (limit yourself to the product category of beautycare as illustrated in the L\’Oral session). How will the German landscape of shoppers and retailers present itself to companies such as L\’Oral in 2025?

3) Which approach of the customer interface do you recommend to beautycare suppliers such as L\’Oral in response to your main scenario?

I will merge the assignment and grading details, the two readings on scenario analysis and the L\’oreal presentation to one pdf document. So there are 3 sources in total (the two papers and the loreal slides) and it would be better for my grade to use at least 2 – 3 more sources and provide examples.