This is a case analyzing for business writing, and my case is SCHEDULIG AT A HOSPITAL CALL CENTER in the McGraw hill eBook or put or in the Google website. I will send you the username & password for sign in. I will upload some charts table you can use from them for has five parts and I am going list parts please do seem as I explain for you (like my examples) and pay attention to the
parentheses. No reference brings details from story and your analysis. First part is Problem Statement (one sentence) like my example. for example: Dee Dorsey must decide how to control call abandonment and employee ululation.
Second part is Analysis Paragraph (one paragraph).
Third part is paragraph Criteria Statement (two elements one sentence) choice two or three of my examples. for example, on this case: Dan should consider: 1. $ 2. Employee ululation 3. Abandonment 4. Employee happiness
fourth part is Solution/Alternative (only write two alternative. two paragraphs) choose one or two from my examples in criteria.
Fifth part is Recommendation (one paragraph). Each part needs to be done separately. Please write just my explanation here. If you write just my description I will give my other papers to you.

Please send the username & password to my writer for McGraw hill eBook or put or in the Google website. username: Password: Ali1976805a