Sealed Bidding

(1) Review FAR 14.304 (and, to the extent necessary, the rest of FAR Subpart 14.3).

What policy (or policies) support the \”late bid\” rules and/or procedures in the FAR? As a consumer (or a taxpayer), does it make more sense for the government to see the price offered in a late bid, as opposed to not looking (as discussed in FAR 14.304(g))? [Treat this as a policy or a \”why\” question.]

(2) Review FAR 14.103-1(a) and 6.401(a).
If you could write 6.401(a) from scratch (or in a vacuum), or if you could rewrite it (either delete text or add text and/or requirements) or simplify it, how would you improve the FAR mandate/guidance? [Treat this as a practical advice or implementation question.]

We suggest you submit a one- or two- paragraph response to each of these queries.

Please limit your responses to approximately 500 words.