Second language acquisition

Read the following two articles carefully:

Eskildsen, S. W. (2009). Constructing another language: Usage-based linguistics in second language acquisition. Applied Linguistics, 30(3), 335-357.

Ionin, T., Zubizarreta, M.L., & Maldonado, S.B. (2008). Sources of linguistic knowledge in the second language acquisition of English articles. Lingua, 118, 554-576.

(1) Provide a brief comparative description of the two studies in terms of the following:
– Theoretical framework adopted
– Research questions
– Research design:
o Number of learners under study
o Learners\’ proficiency levels
o Language(s) investigated (L1; L2)
o Linguistic structure investigated
o Methodology (data collection and data analysis)
– Conclusions reached.

(2) What conclusions can you draw from each study about the way in which the theoretical framework adopted understands the following concepts?
– Language
– The learning process
– The learner